Hyundai Super Bowl Ad Is Nice Unless You Need An Elantra To Jump Buses

In Hyundai's second spot for Super Bowl 2014, that less neurotic dude from The Big Bang Theory Johnny Galecki looks like a normal guy driving a normal guy's car: a Hyundai Elantra.

Because this is TV, he pulls up alongside an attractive woman in an identical Elantra who is for some reason warning him of looming disasters. Like an explosion in front of him, having comedian Richard Lewis in his back seat and going up a ramp with rings of fire.

Upsides? Well, the Elantra's a perfectly nice car. Even if they clearly state "Cars can't jump over buses."

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I think the side profile of the Elantra doesn't really work. The European version (named i40) luckily lacks that upwards curve at the end of the rear doors.