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Hyundai confirmed it would not build the anticipated 2007 Entourage minivan (so sorry, Turtle) based on the Kia Sedona. In its stead, the company announced it was working on two new models of size, a seven-passenger SUV and a six-passenger crossover. The SUV, destined as a 2007 model, will be roughly the size of a Honda Pilot or Ford Explorer, and sport a 3.8-liter V-6 engine, six-speed automatic tranny, and about eleventy air bags. The crossover, which will likely hit in 2008 or 09, will take its cues from the company's Portico concept (pictured) Hyundai introduced at the Chicago auto show this year. It'll be distinguished by a flexible seating and cargo-carrying layout and an additional score of air bags.

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