Our buddy Josh says he just caught a Kia road test team in a motel parking lot in Golden, Colorado. Suprisingly, he says, they were headed downtown, not up into the hills (where the fun is). Here's Josh's account:

Most of it (there were about 5 cars) was pretty boring - camo on the noses, some rear ends covered - but there was one they weren't happy at all that I grabbed a pic of. Right after I took this, a very polite and extremely aggravated Asian man got out of the passenger seat and started yelling "No Camera!." Hoping to get a bit more info out of him, I pocketed my phone. He said it's a new model, possibly '09.

If this is the same prototype as the Hyundai coupe spotted, the Korean automaker could be preparing a dual-brand release of its RWD challenger to Toyota's oft-discussed new-generation AE86. If not, someone's gone way overboard with the stone-repellent bra. [UPDATE: More Colorado coupe photos from our buddy Seth.]