Hyundai Genesis Named 2009 North American Car Of The Year

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There was an audible "Wooohhhh" sound when they announced the Hyundai Genesis as the 2009 North American Car Of The Year moments ago, marking the first win and nomination for a Korean automaker.


The Genesis benefited from the new factor as well as the fact one of the other nominations, the Ford Flex, is barely a car and based on a familiar platform. As much as we were holding out for the Volkswagen Jetta TDI, we hope, like a pre-Departed Martin Scorsese, they're just happy to be nominated. Score one for the Koreans. You can read our Hyundai Genesis review for our impressions.


Unlike other award ceremonies, we'd point out, the NACTOY is an actual contest with real journalists nominating and voting for the vehicles so this isn't just a headline grabber.

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People may be bitchy about this one, but it really is an indication of just how far Hyundai has come.

They major difference between Hyundai and a lot of their competitors is they actually try their best to make a good car. Every generation of the Elantra and Accent make massive improvements over the old generations, and their quality has improved with every year.

This car is a great idea as well. Aim the car at the E-class while positioning it in the market against the accord. The end result is something that is miles apart from the other cars in its price range. You can get a rear-wheel drive luxury sedan which makes 385 horsepower for the price of a sedan.

I don't see any way that anyone can hate this car, it's an amazing car which is completely deserving of the award.