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Remember back in the early '90s when MC Hammer reportedly traveled with an entourage of like 150 people? Those were his salad days of multiplatnum album sales, world tours and pants with enough fabric to sail around Cape Horn. These days, on a slightly lower budget, Hammer may be pleased to hear Hyundai has reinstated the Entourage minivan on its product plan, according to AutoWeek. The new minivan โ€” which had been deemed cancelled last August โ€” will be launched in spring 2006, a few months before the redesigned Santa Fe hits. Word also came down that the Santa Fe won't get the 4.6-liter V8 from the new Azera luxury sedan, though we're not counting out a V8-powered truckster in the next couple of years.

Hyundai puts minivan back in product plan, targets spring '06 debut for U.S. [AutoWeek]

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