Hyundai Driver Backs Off Fourth Floor Of Parking Garage

The difference between "R" and "D" in an automatic is but two clicks, however they produce considerably different results. This 20-something Hyundai-driver discovered the hard way when she backed off a fourth floor parking garage.

Reinforcing the stereotypes about Massachusetts drivers, this accident in Springfield can be laughed at without feeling guilty as thankfully nobody was killed in this bizarre accident. Police say the driver was wearing her seatbelt when she decided "R" was far enough and mashed her Elantra's gas, sending the car through the wrought iron guard rail and down to the street below. Despite the fall, she was was treated at the local hospital for non-life threatening injuries. We'd like take a moment and point out the "backing out of the garage" part of the story doesn't make sense to us, as the car should be facing the other way if it did, and the hind end, rather than the roof and hood would be smashed, but what do we know? (Thanks for the tip 1Dollar93)


[Berkshire Eagle]

Photo credit: AP Photo/Springfield Republican, David Molnar

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