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A New Jersey Hyundai dealer and former New York Giants lineman who vowed celibacy last May until his store topped all other U.S. Hyundai outlets finally made his goal in October. In related news, the Giants scored repeatedly Sunday.


Brad Benson, who played on the Giants' Super Bowl-winning team in 1987, is the same dealer who gave a free car to a Florida pastor for not torching a Koran last month. He's also offered free cars to Saddam Hussein to get him to abdicate before the Iraq war, and his radio commercials have grown famous around the Garden State for their discussions of waterboarding and his "40-foot erection" - the old goalposts from Giants Stadium, which he installed at his store.


Benson first made the no-sex pledge last May, saying he'd down the ball short of the goal line until his rural dealership topped all other Hyundai dealers in the country. After achieving the goal in October, Benson should now be free to resume a Sonata on his wife's Azera - assuming she hasn't found an Equus in the meantime. [AutoNews]

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