Hyundai Boss Says Genesis V8 to Produce 380 Horsepower

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Apparently Hyundai's not sparing the rod when it comes to its new upmarket sedan. According to the forum admin of HyundaiExchange, Hyundai research and development boss Hyun-Soon Lee told a group of Korean executives the company's new 4.6-liter V8 would be massaged to 380 horsepower in the company's new flagship, codenamed BH, set to arrive later this year. This past April, Hyundai showed the sedan in concept form as the Concept Genesis at the New York auto show, where officials boasted of silky DOHC 32-valve V8s, rear-wheel drive and competitors sweating in their yakisoba. Watch this space. [Hyundai Exchange via Motive]

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hmmm.... not to mention that Lexus styling was never a real attraction, while Hyundai has put real emphasis on it.

I think we all giggled when they brought out the XG350, yet it blew out their own sales forecasts. And don't forget the Amanti, bastard son of Korean War POW Buick.. it continues to sell.

How many cars will it compete against, really? 380 horse, V8 RWD with gobs of safety gear, no doubt an opulent interior, for maybe $15K less than the norm? Why shouldn't this work?