Hyundai Australia Releases Images of a Santa Fe Cabriolet Without Warning Us or Anything

For those of you who are deeply emotionally affected by horrible car design ideas, I’m sorry you have to see this Hyundai Santa Fe Cabriolet. I know if I could unsee it, I would.

Some of us, especially those of us who have loved cars for a long time, can have strong reactions to something like this. For me, seeing a three-row without a top suddenly on my screen caused my stomach to lurch. “Oh no,” I thought, “here we go again.” The Nissan CrossCabriolet is long forgotten by others, but not by me. I’ve seen some shit.


Luckily, the Hyundai Santa Fe Cabriolet won’t be prowling the streets any time soon. This is a pre-production vehicle, and it’s not roadworthy. Thank goodness. Can you imagine seeing one of these things while innocently driving down the road? I’m afraid I’d spin out into on coming traffic in surprise and alarm. It just looks so shocking, and not in a good way.

While got to take an actual spin in it and wrote up a tongue-in-cheek review for the “2019 Hyundai Santa Fe Cabriolet” they admitted in the article that they were “kind of taking the piss.” I don’t know what that means in Australian but I’m not having it!

Image: Hyundai Australia

The Cabriolet wasn’t even technically a convertible, since it had no top and thus couldn’t convert into anything. It’s stuck as it is. This topless Santa Fe was an unwise melding of convertible and SUV by some mad engineer, it was made to make top-down and interior photography and filming easier. The eventual fate of this abomination is a crushing yard.

More good news: I can’t imagine seeing a fleet of these things wandering down the freeway. Imagine this roofless, beefy machine, seven seats filled to the brim dudes in sunglasses. They won’t show you their eyes. They won’t let you see how dead inside they are.


No thanks, Hyundai! No damn thanks.


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