Hybrid Hauler, Potentially: The Palumbo M-80

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To all you prospective X Prize winners in hybrid land, please continue to come up with outlandish ideas to merge gas-electric drive systems with ultra-high performance. Winning that $25 million and ($500 million in media coverage) will come in handy for marketing the seven cars you'll sell. But c'mon, that's just cynicism talking. If it wasn't for the dangling X Prize carrot we wouldn't have such prospective supercars like the Velozzi micro-turbine or, now, the Palumbo M-80. The product of one Joe Palumbo, the M-80's plans call for an aluminum space frame and Toyota-style full hybrid powertrain. It's aimed squarely at the Ferrari F430, with net horsepower of 350, a 0-60 time of 3.9 seconds, and fuel economy of 46 mpg. All he needs is backers and a few friends on the prize committee.


[Autoblog Green via Motor Authority]

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If I was going to give my hybrid sportscar a name that would have an especially negative connotation amongst greenies/peaceniks/commies/whatevers, I would have gone the whole nine yards and christened it something like Uzi, Panzerfaust or Bunkerbuster.

Just sayin'...