Husband drives family van 40 miles with wife on hood

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A woman from Manteca, California's claiming her husband drove 40 miles at high speeds while she desperately clung to the hood of their minivan. When he slowed down she jumped from the vehicle.


Her reason for jumping on the hood was to prevent her husband, who she says was on drugs, from driving while impaired. The woman's identity hasn't been disclosed, but she told reporters

""I was so cold, I couldn't feel my hands anymore. I didn't know if I was still holding on and he started to slow down and I figured that was the only chance I had, so I threw my body off."


The husband, 36-year-old Christopher Michael Carroll, was arrested and could face an attempted murder charge. The woman survived the attack, but did suffer from hypothermia.

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For me to cling to a hood of a vehicle for any distance, let alone 40 miles, I'd have to be on drugs too. If she hadn't tried to prevent him from driving while impaired, he wouldn't have an attempted murder charge against him.