Humbert Humbert is Sad: Lola Says Goodbye to Champ Car

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We've always loved Lola. But who wouldn't love a green-haired, tatted-up Oregon stripper (full nudity + alcohol) who pole-danced to Iron Maiden and Slayer, whose real love was erotic performance art? Oh wait, sorry. Cars, right. Eric Broadley's brainchild bore fruit on the American open-wheel circuit as early as 1966, with Graham Hill's win at Indy. Sadly, that association is about to end, with the adoption of Panoz chassis for the entire Champ Car series next season. But mostly, we're posting this just to have an excuse to run a picture of a T70. We mean, if you were us, wouldn't you?

Lola: An era ends []


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Shenanigans Was Taken

Great! More time for them to spend working on this ALMS chassis!

In reality this is a sad day. Hopefully some day, when American open wheel racing is reunified, or when F1 becomes less stupid, we can see Lola in a top flight open wheel series again.