Humber Humber! It's The Lolita Reconnaissance Car!

Yeah, see, it's perfect for checking out underage girls, see? You got your turret, you got your gunslits there; heck, if her dad comes after you with a shotgun, what's he gonna do? Take away your birthday? Oh, wait, Humber, not Humbert?. Like the Rootes Group company; right they took the Super Snipe chassis and put that there tank-like body on it and ran all over Western Europe blowing up the Germans real good like while reconnoitering various and sundry things. I gotcha now. Sorry 'bout that teenage girl thing. You know, sometimes straight-six vehicles make my brain go a bit loopy, y'know? Yeah, you know.

Humber Light Reconnaissance Car Mk II [WarWheels]

In Russia, Tank Builds YOU! [Internal]


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