Human-Powered HumanCar Enters Production

Illustration for article titled Human-Powered HumanCar Enters Production

HumanCar are ready to begin sales of their human-electric hybrid, the Imagine NEV. The vehicle has pedals and steering mechanisms for all four occupants as well as an electric motor. It achieves its fastest speeds - up to 60mph - when all four humans work with the battery for propulsion, but is capable of running on either human or battery power alone. It's unclear if pedaling can recharge the battery, but it does appear that there is some kind of regenerative braking system. The Neighborhood Electric Vehicle isn't as bare bones as you might think, featuring an iPod compatible stereo and even optional air-conditioning. The company expects the final price to be around $15,000 — about $14,000 more than four bicycles. [HumanCar via MotorAuthority]

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