Huge Pickup Truck Crash Results In Everyone Being "F*cking Good"

Truck YeahThe trucks are good!

You just flipped your Chevrolet pickup truck spectacularly into the sand. You're upside down. So how are you? Well, according to these folks, they're "fucking good!" If they were honest, they probably could be better though.

This crash occurred this past weekend at the Silver Lake Sand Dunes. These guys were doing some normal sand dune stuff, which is typically doing sick jumps and stuff like that.

Both of the occupants were right when they said they were "fucking good," since they both got out and walked away. Even more amazingly, the Silverado was flipped back over and drove away under its own power.


Like a damn rock.

Hat Tip to Blake!

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This was like the Blair Witch Project of sand dunes.