Huge Bigness: Hecklerspray on the Ford Granada Mk. 2

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Back in 1987, our rich uncle bought a car to keep in Northern Ireland. He drove an Audi 100 Estate himself, but the long drive up to Scotland to catch the ferry over to Larne was wearing on him. So he picked up a used Granada and let our dad drive it while we were over visiting. On a trip down to Dublin, we ended up having to traverse the entire city. And Dad managed to scrape a double-decker, which led our cousins to yelp with glee, "Uncle Gordie hit a bus!"

Bear in mind that our dad's quite the cautious driver and isn't prone to accidents, nor does he have anything in particular against transit agencies in the Republic of Ireland. It's just that well, the Granada, by Irish standards, was huge. Add in crosstown Dublin traffic, and the task of driving the thing became akin to maneuvering the Bismarck in a washtub. Nevertheless, Laverty luvers him some Granada. Well, it was comfy...


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