Huffing Hydrogen In TN: Fuel-Cell Cars the Norm by 2050?

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We'll be 75 years old in 2050, assuming terrorists don't nuke the Port of Los Angeles, destroying our beautiful Post Office (we feel like Jake Gittes every time we walk in) and taking out the palm trees along Harbor Blvd. And while the Goodyear blimp may well still circle o'er the town of Pedro, stuffed to high heaven with helium, its lighter elemental brother will be powering the majority of our vehicles, according to a conference on the opening day of the Tennessee Valley Corridor National Technology Summit. According to the TVCNTS, hydrogen cars will surpass petroleum-fueled cars by 2030, and will be the dominant form of vehicular propulsion twenty years after that. Call us when we're old. We'll let you know how all that panned out.

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