Illustration for article titled Huffing and Puffing: Tata Electric Car To Run on Compressed Air?

After 14 years worth of research, design and testing, former Formula 1 driver Guy Negre has done what I did back in 7th grade — make an air-powered car. Okay, my air car was a little less complex than this design, but it got third place in the shop class race off and had flames on its tiny, 8-inch long chassis. Now, Indian manufacturer, Tata Motors, yes, the same company that just brought you the cheap-ass Nano a few hours ago, is backing a car powered by compressed air.


The car — which we'll keep calling it as it currently lacks a name — is capable of traveling upwards of 125 miles on three dollars worth of compressed air thanks to mostly air- and fuel-driven motor and brake power recovery system. Prices are very reasonable as well with the first fleet being estimated at only $7,000 each. The very conceptual-looking design pictured here is nothing to drop your trousers about, though. [a href="">Treehugger]

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