When Austin, Texas chose a new police chief a few years back, one of his first edicts was that the city's patrol cars would have a black and white color scheme instead of the colorful graphics they had used for years. He had several reasons for this.

Black and white cars, he argued, were immediately identifiable as police cars, and thus could be quickly flagged down in an emergency. The black and white coloring was also cheaper to put on cars than the flashy blue and yellow graphics, so he was saving taxpayers money too.


Not every police department in America agrees with this philosophy. That's our question for the day: What's the ugliest police car design in the country?

I got some good weather in D.C. this weekend, so I took a nice drive into the country. That meant keeping an eye out for my old pals, the Virginia State Police. Their awful blue and gray cruisers look like taxi cabs, and not nice ones either.

Your turn. What police car color scheme drives you nuts? If you've ever been nailed by a light teal Crown Victoria, now's your time to vent!

Photo credit Wikimedia Commons