For your viewing pleasure, a selection of images from the first days of the 2013 IAA in Frankfurt, Germany from none other than racer and just announced Jalopnik Film Festival panelist Robb Holland. Put off whatever it is you meant to be doing and see what all your favorite automakers are up to so far!

BMW dressed ready to prove itself on the track.

Another great Civic variant Americans are missing out on.

Opel's track offerings.

Well yeah, Red Bull gives you wings.

BMW i3 on the track built just for the occasion.

Cadillac Elmiraj and color-matched model.

NSX wearing proper Honda badges.

Four-door Focus ST.

Opel Monza concept.

Apparently this is a Citroën DS "Wild Rubis" concept.

Lexus' hand in the sport hybrid segment. Color's reminiscent of the EM1 Civic's Electron Blue Pearl from 1999.

I hope she doesn't cut herself on the bow of that thing.

Not sure about the fluorescent trim but I like where the WRX is headed.

The Peugeot Onyx may never make mass production but it sure is fun to look at. Are those woodgrain fenders and doors?

Alfa Romeo's next 4C looks like it has some design influence from the legendary Lancia Stratos.

Volvo chose a model as buttoned-up and safe looking as their company image.

Open-cockpit Aston? Yes, please yes.

Jag's SUV- in case you thought the press release photos were all PhotoShopped.

Mercedes-Benz's architectural presence may have been their most impressive offering.

They also took the opportunity that they can go fast. And that they love the post office, apparently.

I was never crazy about Audis in the past, but this pair of coupes might be enough to make me a believer. Find out more about the Nanuk (red) and Sport Quattro (yellow) concepts if you're as smitten as I am.

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Photo Credit: Robb Holland