Dale Earnhardt Jr. knows the reason for the Christmas season, and girlfriend Amy Reimann knows, um...how reindeer procreate in threes?

While several of the Hendrick Motorsports drivers have donned silly sweaters this year, it's clear that Dale Jr. knocked it out of the park.

Dale and Amy decked their bods with holly jolliness for the Suggs Sports Marketing Inc. Christmas party. It wasn't a tacky Christmas sweater party per se, but they turned it into one.

This is how you win at tacky holiday sweaters, folks. This right here.


Jimmie Johnson is the only member of the Hendrick Motorsports crew not to post a pic in a tacky sweater this year.

"At going rate, @JimmieJohnson's gonna have to post a pic dressed as Mrs. Claus or something," remarked @nascarcasm on Twitter.

Clarification: Our experts in roadkill-grade fauna have pointed out that all three reindeer are bucks (note the antlers) and therefore, are probably not making little reindeers. Rather, they are merely engaging in some reindeer games that wouldn't make it past the censors for ABC Family's 42nd billionth replay of "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer." Our bad.