How to Use the Subway as Your Own Personal Work Truck

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Screenshot: ECM_LP (Twitter)

You might not think that the same enormous I-beams used to build buildings would be the kind of things you could cart across New York using the subway, but you would’ve been wrong!


I don’t know if these clips documenting this ridiculous logistical feat are actually new, but I’ve never seen anything like this and I’m pretty sure it’s freaking amazing.

Since it doesn’t appear to be rush hour, it doesn’t look like the New Yorkers mind much either.


You can see more of the saga of the subway beam on the Instagram account @subwaycreatures:

Wait, did somebody say he transferred trains?


New York is wild.

Hopefully somebody reading this will have seen this thing in person and will be able to tell us what the heck this guy was planning to construct with a single steel beam

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Not a steel beam, as he wouldn’t be able to lift it. Looks like aluminum for scaffolding. My hunch is he stole it and is planning to scrap it.