This may be the most complicated, expensive, and awesomest way to make a video clip of a racing game. Ever. To promote Forza 5, Microsoft decided to forego those fancy "com-PU-tors" and instead made a video by taking pictures of still frames. Like a flipbook. Only on a racetrack. In a McLaren.

Yes, those kooks bolted a big fancy camera rig to the engine block of a McLaren 12C (I guess because the engine mounts provide good vibration dampening?), and had Tanner Foust tear ass past 680 giant screenshots printed on aluminum panels at 120 MPH. The camera recorded the images of the panels as they whizzed past, and the result is a clip of footage from the game. A video clip made the best, loudest way possible.

I can't wait to start filming all my Vines this way. But out of the window of my slow Beetle, trying to shoot b&w printouts stapled to phone poles with my iPhone. It'll be great.

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