How To Turn Your Toyota Into a Fauxrarri For Just $2000

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Have a Toyota MR2 but really wish you had a Ferrari? The wrong way to make your dreams reality is to eBay for this $2,000 kit that'll help you re-badge your 'yota as an Italian supercar.


Toyota MR2's are fine cars if you want a reasonable balance of power and fuel economy and don't mind an ugly mug. If you don't like the ugly mug, why not replace it with a Ferrari-like body? Because it's wrong.

There won't be a lot of fooling anyone with this Ferrari 360 re-imagining of a Toyota MR2. The size is wrong, the nose is wrong, the interior is wrong, the lights are wrong and the inline-four hiding underneath the new engine cover is wrong, but someone did it anyway, and they're selling it on eBay. We're especially liking the oversized Ferrari badges sprinkled all over the car, but the extra-large rainbow-colored text will definitely do the job. Another example of why Fauxrarri's are bad. [eBay Listing]


Sometimes you can tell a fake Ferrari by close inspection of its badge.