How To Turn A Porsche 911 Into A Rally Car

What does it take to make a Porsche 911SC into a rally car, capable of running the East African Safari rally? Not much, apparently. All it took was some rear-suspension upgrades, extra body protection, additional front lights and a Martini livery.


That was good enough for this car to place 2nd in the 1978 East African Safari Rally, only loosing the lead a few hours from the finish line when it hit a rock, damaging the suspension.

When I first drove an air-cooled 911, I was struck by how versatile the car was, and this rally car further proves that point. In 1978 you were equally likely to see a 911 charging down the Mulsanne Straight at Le Mans, as you were on rally stages of Africa. Quite an impressive feat.


This particular car was brought to the Porsche Museum after the rally where it remains in its original state, though personally, I hope Porsche gets it back out on the dirt once again.

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burglar can't heart click anything

The US importer of BRAID wheels turned this:

Into this:

On a shoestring budget in a short time. Pretty cool story to follow here. Great guy, too.