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How To Steal The Same Ferrari Twice And Get Caught Both Times

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Hey, hey, you know, maybe you don't need my advice on stealing a Ferrari, but I think I'm right in advising you—if you get caught stealing a Ferrari once, maybe you shouldn't try stealing another one. At least not right away. And at least not by taking the same damn one twice.

One Earnie Hooks of Los Angeles pleaded not guilty to charges that he stole, or at least attempted to steal, a black Ferrari not once but twice, according to USA Today. Now, you may think, okay, he stole the car, it was recovered, and he tried to steal it again, right? Oh, oh, no. It's way better than that.

Police in Fontana, 50 miles east of LA, say they stopped Hooks at a drunken driving checkpoint on Aug. 29 and discovered that the black 2014 Ferrari 458 Spider he was driving had been reported stolen.


Except he didn't stay caught according to police. He drove away from the checkpoint. Because that's the way to get away from the cops: drive away. In your brand new (allegedly!) stolen supercar. He must have figured that out, because police then say he abandoned the car, and it was impounded.

...which is where the true (alleged!) idiocy of Hooks really kicks it into overdrive: the same Ferrari got stolen in the wee hours of the next morning. And five days later, who should be arrested for driving it?


Yeah, that's right, Earnie Hooks.

Image via Flickr.