How To Run A Glorious Vintage Alfa Romeo In The Carrera Panamericana

There is a reason the world holds the Alfa Romeo in such high regard, and it's not front-wheel drive hatchbacks. It's cars like Conrad Stevenson's 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Speciale, a stunning gem of a car that today invokes a lost era of adventure and speed.

In the latest video from Petrolicious, we meet Stevenson, who considers his profession tob be restoring old Alfas, "or at least trying," because that is seldom an easy task.


This particular car wasn't built to be a garage queen, it was built to run in the Carrera Panamericana vintage race, just like Alfas did in decades past. His car is an amalgam of many different Alfas, a scrappy street fighter made for competing and winning.

He must have done something right. This car finished first in the Historica A Plus class in 2013. And Stevenson says he's honored to run an Alfa in the race, because the brand is such a David in a world of Porsche and Ferrari Goliaths.

If you're gonna own a vintage European car, do it like this guy does it.

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