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In theory, anyone can get an old Interceptor and some strobes or a plug-in cherry and start pulling people over. While unmarked cops in most places are encouraged to call in a marked radio car to handle the stop, that doesn't always happen. We constantly see people getting popped in the Chi by mustachioed men in dark blue P71's. It may not be worrisome in the middle of the day on Michigan Ave, but it could be downright creepy on a lonely road in the dark of night with your family. Below are some guidelines for how to react:


The San Jose PD recommend the following:

1. Find a well-lighted, highly populated area like a gas station or fast food joint.
2. Use your cell to call the police/911 to get a marked patrol car to respond to your location.
3. Don't speed away or violate traffic laws while being pursued.


and our own advice:

4. Don't throw bags of anything outside the window.
[San Jose Mercury News]

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