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Red flags are a bummer. Having a one-on-one conversation with your favorite driver, not so much. This dude isn’t crazy. He’s smart. (Well, until NASCAR chases him off, whatever.)


This was actually from a few years ago, but there was an opportunity to do the same today, if you were cool with the idea of being hauled off by security. Here’s the chain reaction that led to some very slippery red flag conditions at today’s race.


The track was red-flagged after fluids were spilled all over the track, necessitating enough absorbent material on the track to stock a cat owner in Gritty Kitty Pee-Clumper And El Cheapo Oil Dry for the entire span of Mr. Bigglesworth’s little kitty life.

That would have been a prime opportunity for this awesome dude to spring into action.


Apparently this is against the rules, or whatever. You know what? I know there’s safety precautions to consider, but I think security is just tryin’ to keep a good (crazy) man down.


[Correction: Several of you pointed out that this actually happened at a previous Watkins Glen race. I mistook them for pics from today and assumed they must’ve happened during a commercial break, because I’m an idiot and somehow didn’t notice the Monte Carlo Impala SS in the front row. Anyway, enjoy this look into one of the great moments in Watkins Glen history.]

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