How To Kill A Jeep Using Mostly Two Wheels

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You’re bored. You have a beater truck and some open space. Why not put it up on two wheels and see what happens?

A quiet weekend day at Harris Hill Raceway cursing out my broken Volkswagen was interrupted by the lovely sights and sounds of these dudes pretending to be Stadium Super Truck drivers in a Jeep Grand Cherokee. I had just smashed the crap out of one of my knuckles with a torque wrench, so somehow watching this seemed less dangerous than continuing to mess with my car.


Erik Domstead designed a ramp for himself, Corey Rueth and Ian Schoen to test out their stunt-car balance skills on in Harris Hill’s pit lane. Of course, track staff was nearby to laug—er, I mean, be ready in case something went wrong.

No one was hurt except for the Jeep and a few egos. I think they might need bigger tires to balance on next time. I mean, have you seen the big meats on monster trucks, which can balance on their nose with ease? You’ve got to have something pretty substantial to balance on unless you’re some kind of stunt driving master.

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Gonna need a David Tracy wellness check. Make sure he’s not sobbing uncontrollably underneath a rusted out pile of shit in his driveway.