How To Have Sex In A Car: A Video Guide

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Our new favorite website, Howcast, takes on a how-to every parent dreads and every teenager delights in — how to have sex in a car. While we like to think nature taking its course would tend to work out most of the mechanics of the situation, there are some useful tips for the novice and pro alike. We especially like the tongue-in-cheek background images they managed to sneak into the cleverly produced short. Remember kids, don't do anything we wouldn't do. Not safe for work if your coworkers look down on the showing of a little leg, the word "sex" or you're a practicing Catholic who goes into convulsions at the sight of condoms spilling from a glove box.

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TexanIdiot25- needs moar horse powah

Back seat... Have you ever tried sitting in the back seat of the third gen Firebird?

Passenger seat with the T-Tops off it is!

CST10 has a big ass bench, no problemo.