How To Get Yelled At Running An Autocross In A Corvette

It's simple: try drifting.

I was looking for videos of drifting Corvette C5s, because every time I hear about the new C7, I think back on how even the old 'Vettes are still pretty fast. Well, I really go for C4 Corvettes, but they all seem to be in junkyards, not at trackdays.


This intrepid autocrosser describes his run.

How to get yelled at an autox.

End of day Fun Runs

The uploader continues.

Pretty much as described, old farts can't handle watching awesomeness during fun runs.

Nobody in this video seems very pissed off, so either there was some yelling off camera or the 'Vette driver was exaggerating. Either way, sweet drifts, brah.

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