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How To Get Perfect Revenge On An Asshat Parker

Illustration for article titled How To Get Perfect Revenge On An Asshat Parker

Asshats certainly deserve what's coming to them, but instead of vandalizing each others cars, how about using some creativity?


Somewhere in a Hungarian parking garage, the problem of double parking was resolved peacefully, instantly making the world a better place. Now, all we need to do is start a trend with this, sending a message to fellow drivers in a fun but effective way.


To do this...

All you need is this:


Remember: Duct tape, or in this case, the less stickier masking tape solves EVERYTHING. Good luck out there!

H/T to mr-fuckin-fifty!

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While I support this approach, and frankly love the idea, I don't think I can agree with using duct tape. Good duct tape is very sticky can could leave residue, or worse pull up paint from a panel edge or from crappy paint. Instead look for yellow masking tape or simply use the backside of a plastic caution tape.…