If you're like most of the population, all your troubles can be traced directly back to the fact that, when attempting to build a Morgan 4/4 out of Lego, you just can't do it accurately enough for your needs. Well, friends, I'm happy to say your problems are over, thanks to the Free Universal Construction Kit from Free Art and Technology.

The Kit isn't really a thing, but rather a set of 3D meshes anyone can download and make tangible via a 3D printer, or online rapid-prototyping services like Ponoko (I've talked about the value of 3D printed parts for cars before). What these parts do, when printed out, is act as universal adapters so you can use parts from any set of building toys (Legos, Duplos, Tinkertoys, Lincoln Logs, K'Nex, Zoob, etc.) with any other.

And, for people who love cars, that means one thing: you can now make a Lego Morgan 4/4 with an accurate wooden frame. Well, as accurate as you can get with Lincoln Logs. The holy grail has been found, my friends. Let us rejoice.