Illustration for article titled How The Housing Market Fell: Animated Yellow Sports Cars And Big Garages

You might be asking yourself why Jalopnik is featuring an animation about sub-prime mortgages. Our answer? Because it's too cool not to and it has awesome mega-garages and yellow vintage-designed sports cars. So there.


Since a lot of you seemed to like our last post, The Bailout In Perspective: How Many Bugatti Veyrons Is $700 Billion Dollars?, we decided to give you another fun little insight into why our economy sucks so bad right now. And with the recent news of Chrysler's bankruptcy filing, we're afraid it'll continue to get worse and worse, meaning for car guys (and gals) like you and me, our toys will continue to go bye-bye. Let's hope that's not the case.

We wish we could have that last big-ass garage at the end of the clip...hell the yellow sports car wouldn't be so bad either. [via Vimeo]

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