How Poor Is Ukraine? Their Top Selling Car Is Chinese

America's top selling cars are mid-priced midsizers like the Accord and the Camry. Out top selling vehicle is the middle-of-the-pack Ford F-series. How does that compare to Ukraine? Their top-selling car is a Chinese budgetmobile.

Xinhua reports that the brand is Geely, which you may remember as being the company that owns Volvo. They assemble cars in Ukraine and they're way below what we in America would call the bottom of the market. The Geely CK has held the top selling model spot for a few months now, and has been in the top three for the past few years. It retails for 59,900 грн, or about $6,500.


Other places where Chinese carmakers are getting success like they are in Ukraine? The poorer corners of Latin America and Africa.

Of course, this is all just a small snapshot in time, as Chinese cars make their way into mature areas like in Australian trucks and the low ends of the European car market. There's this fantastic series on The Truth About Cars on this very subject, and here's their special report on Chinese Cars in Eastern Europe for even more information.

Photo Credit: Geely Ukraine

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