Given that Stuttgart only built twenty-five, the answer is "never." Canepa Design has this one sitting on its showroom floor in Scotts Valley, California, just outside of San Francisco. Shouldn't every afternoon have a little German ubercar in it?

The surprise here isn't so much that this car is for sale — if there's anyone in the U.S. who would be selling a 959S, it's Bruce Canepa, the man/company/917-driving wunderdude who helped make the '59 street-legal in America — but that it's for sale on Craigslist. Business a bit slow these days, Bruce?


Let's see: Used washing machine, ten-year-old Camry, a box of legless G.I. Joe action figures, 959, Sony Walkman . . . honey, do we have a spare half-million dollars? I keep finding crap I want.

(The basic description is at the link below, but a gallery of the car can be found here.)



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