Presented with a Chevrolet Corvette which had sheared the spokes off its right front wheel, this Chicago-area tow truck driver gently cradled the 'Vette home. As long as by "gently" we mean "dragged by the rear axle down the Dan Ryan, shooting sparks."

Caught by a good Samaritan/rubbernecker from a nearby office, the tow truck driver seems rather unconcerned about the Corvette's fiberglass body — especially when the truck's spar nearly rips off the back bumper after a failed first attempt to lift it. A few chains later, and it's time to turn the front wheel into a sparkler.

Sure, the 'Vette's driver is a chump for cracking up on a public freeway. But we can only imagine the conversation once the car's reunited with its owner and the magical phrase "it already had that damage" loses all of its power.