How not to do a burnout, the sequel

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The Houston Cars and Coffee event has had to move twice because of asshats in cars wrecking them as they leave. This moron in a Pontiac GTO's trying to make it a third move.

We warned all of you to be aware of what your behavior at these Cars & Coffee events entails for everyone else. One bad apple in a car they can't drive typically means the property owner doesn't want to deal with the hassle or liability of idiots over-correcting themselves into bushes outside their businesses.

Look at the cop, he's so jaded, he doesn't care. He's seen it all before. You can even hear it in the video as the surrounding people bemoan yet another preventable accident and ponder the consequences.


In the last six months the Houston event's moved from Uptown Park near the Galleria, to the MarqE Center northwest of town, to a large parking lot out in the suburbs. At this rate, the next Cars & Coffee is going to have to be held in Dallas.


At least the folks at LS1Tech had some fun with the owner.