Driving is dangerous. So is sitting in a Starbucks. But people still drive and people still chug lattes like they grant magical powers. These are measured risks that we take and different people measure that risk differently. When it comes to coffee, some blow off the cream for fear of clogging their arteries, some can't get enough of it. The same goes with driving. Though we generally think of racing as a much safer sport, with people surviving spectacular crashes all the time, not everyone is so lucky.

As we reflect on the unfortunate event at LeMons this weekend, it isn't a bad time to take personal stock of what we're comfortable with. Many of us are involved in some level of motorsports from time-to-time and have been known to get into some trouble. That being said, each of us has their own personal list of things they will and will-not do. For instance, none of us are willing to risk the safety of others, which includes driving over practice fields. We are willing to risk Wert, though. And have. Many times.

[Photo: Motor.nl]