How Many Drinks Was That: The Outtakes

Ok, so apparently at WDIV, the local NBC affiliate in the D, they don't provide a copy of your pundit piece from the air. Instead, because they've recorded the live feed from the HD camera sitting in front of you — you get the first few minutes before you go on the air, and then your responses to the questions asked. So — the above video could best be described as the outtakes of the segment you could have seen had you been watching CNBC last night. We think it shows Wert at his best — when he's the awkward, tall gumpy n' grumpy looking guy we all know and for the most part love like tolerate. Enjoy — especially since the actual content of the discussion appears to be much ado about nothing — as you can see from the real video of the segment below the jump.

Ford-Toyota Partnership? [CNBC]
Toyota says Ford meeting did not discuss tie-up [Reuters]


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