Wert went nine rounds "On The Money" with OpinionJournal.com (a wholly owned subsidiary of the Wall Street Journal editor, John "Unions Suck" Fund last night — and boy, it was a snoozy doozy. After first hitting on Melissa Francis (in his own mind), he then spent some time going toe-to-toe with Fund on the issue of the UAW and why they do or do not suck. Wert did his best to battle Fund's free-wheelin' laissez-faire ways with his very own brand of Chomsky-ism. We'd consider it a win that he got Fund to agree the Detroit two-and-a-half are as much to blame as the unions for the labor situation, or as an intellectually competent industry insider (as opposed to the normal classification of industry insiders) told us, "there's two signatures at the bottom of those contracts." So, the only thing left is to answer the all-too-important question — how many drinks was that?

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