How Do You Increase The Coolness Of A Vespa?

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Put a computer in it, of course! Sure, this Vespa GTS 250 still has a 250cc, four-stroke engine capable of propelling the scooter to more than 60 mph. But the real shine comes with the integrated PC. I'm not entirely sure why anyone would want a PC in a Vespa, especially in the area of the two-wheeler this one was placed, but it doesn't matter because nobody will question a Vespa with a high-end computer.


If you're really curious, it's a Windows XP-powered PC that includes a large touchscreen. The back of the Vespa still includes its famed spare tire. This model also won an award for the "Best Modern Vespa," at the Amerivespa contest. There'd better be enough room for two on that ride because the owner will be taking someone home every night. I wonder if it can play World of Warcraft? [Gizmowatch

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Jeff Glucker

Nice Louis V seat as well.. Clearly, money well spent.