How Did You Feel About The First Season Of New, New Top Gear?

Another season of Top Gear without its old trio has come and gone, and holy cow, I felt no nostalgia at all this time around. It was just that good.


At least, that’s what I thought while watching it. I couldn’t stop watching, to be honest. The video production was great, as expected from the Top Gear crew, and the three main hosts just worked well together—the lack of having Chris Evans around yelling at everything, the theme of steadily annoying Chris Harris, Matt LeBlanc’s weird obsession with large construction equipment, and the overall goofiness of it all. Plus, we got to see a decent amount of Sabine Schmitz!

Other than a couple of “Porsh” pronunciations of the word Porsche—I hate to sound pretentious, but the manufacturer released a video on how to pronounce its name—and having to really concentrate to follow the interview with our pal Bernie Ecclestone in the season finale, I thought the season was fantastic.

(Having to concentrate so hard during the interview was probably just because Ecclestone is soft spoken in general, and it was well worth it when he got into some weird, joking—I think—conspiracy theories about teams trying to rig the championships.)

But there was no point when I walked away from the television without pausing the show, because I didn’t want to miss a second of the episodes. The jokes hit, the segments kept my interest and the episodes were just plain enjoyable—even more so than The Grand Tour, in my opinion.

What did you all think? Am I just overly elated that Evans is gone and we’ve got a consistent panel of hosts, or do you agree that this season was just that good?

Staff writer, Jalopnik


Parker Kligerman

The first Late Night show was created in 1954, on NBC. Its simple format of opening monologue, celebrity interviews, audience participation, comedy bits, and musical performances, has been copied endlessly and now there are multiple versions of the same late night show, all successful. Multiple comedies of a group of young people in city apartments. There are two famous cartoon comedies about “normal” families. There are one million “food” and “travel” shows, all with the exact same format. We have reached a time where Top Gear created a template and now with Grand Tour. We are being offered different flavors of the same template.

With this current flavor we get three enjoyable people. One very knowledgable, one very endearing and I wished they used more, and one famous guy who seems to be the ultimate “chill.” Is there chemistry, sometimes. Does it make me laugh, sometimes. Is it informative, some times.

Most impressive of all. Is that for the first time since “the punch.” After each Sunday I looked forward to telling my browser that I actually live in England. And being able to watch a car show that does cool shit with cars. Not that my opinion matters at all but I think its a winner and will only get better with time.