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How Did This Man Not Die After a 1-Ton Metal Shack Fell On Top of Him?

Illustration for article titled How Did This Man Not Die After a 1-Ton Metal Shack Fell On Top of Him?

This is insane. A freakishly powerful gust of wind blew a 1-ton metal shack off the ground and onto a man. You can see the shack rolling, hitting power cables, knocking the man over and presumably smashing a car too. I don't know how you can still be alive after dealing with that metal shack on top of you but according to news reports, the man is alive and well. [Telegraph]


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Wow... As I should have expected, I had an awesome comment about how this isn't gadget related and pointing out the grammar atrocities in this post. Of course, the comment system ate it...

Edit, I found it:

Ok, I'm either in a terrible mood, or I've just hit my breaking point. I just can't let this one go.

1. There is legitimately nothing gadget related in this post (unless we're considering the basics of meteorology or edifice construction, gadgetry). This is a post I would expect (and watch) on

2. A complete lack of critical thinking about how *gasp* physics might play a part in this man's life being saved.

3. This one's a doozy, folks: *I* am still alive because a shack did not fall on top of *me.* It is agreeably incredible that *this man* did not get severely injured, but go ahead and run through that grammar checklist the next time you try to play journalist and tweet something, Casey.