This isn't the first time a whole row of vehicles has been wiped out at Tropical Chevrolet in Miami Shores. It's the second time. The first time, an out-of-control Corvette bounded into the dealership lot and destroyed a bunch of SUVs. This time, it was a line of Corvette Grand Sports.

Sounds like a location issue. Tropical Chevrolet resides on Biscayne Blvd in Miami Shores. Biscayne Blvd is apparently a thoroughfare of douchebag drivers who, at times, crash into parking lots. That Corvette driver back in 2007 was drunk and going 125 mph when he offed those SUVs.

This time, the Corvettes were on the receiving end. On Wednesday, December 14 at around 3am, a drunk driver lost control and slammed into a display row of glistening Corvette Grand Sport models.

According to reports, the driver wasn't seriously injured, but it's plain he caused a significant amount of Corvette carnage. Uh oh, better get Armco. (Hat tip to Godfathercorvette!)