How did a Ford GT driver survive this fiery crash?

The driver of this $140,000 Ford GT was traveling through Norton Shores, Mich., when he swerved to avoid a car heading into a driveway. The GT lost control and was split-in-half and roasted by a utility pole like a giant, V8-powered sunflower seed. The passenger and the driver somehow survived the crash, though the extent of their injuries are unknown.

Photos sent to WOOD-TV show most of the nose of the Ford GT and at least one of the doors still intact. Unfortunately, the same can't be said for the rest of the smoldering crater that was once a majestic supercar.


Police say the GT was traveling at a high rate of speed, a good guess considering cars don't generally perform vehicular mitosis while traveling at slow rates of speed. Despite the horrorshow look of it all, it could have been worse. If you click through the photos you notice the power pole is leaning against signage for an Exxon gas station.


Yeah, it could have been much worse.

(Hat tip to Adam, Gale!)

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