General Motors is officially taking "emergency-preparedness" seriously. I'm not talking about some zombie-plowing Hollywood product placement; the 2014 Silverado "Volunteer Firefighter" and "Black Ops" concepts are in-the-flesh expressions of overzealous apocalypse planning.

The firefighter trim is reasonable enough; it's basically a Silverado with a contextual colorscheme and a complement of lifesaving gear.

But the "Black Ops" version features custom-tailored body armor, gas masks, and a smattering of assorted construction tools. Despite the photo, the press release disappointingly makes no mention of how many Twinkies would be included with MSRP, which is also undisclosed.


Perhaps it will be available for in-game purchase in the next Fallout?

These trucks may be brand-fluffing carnival attractions that will never see showrooms, but they sure are fun to look at.