How Many Times Has The Automobile Died?

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We hear this shit all the time—the driver’s car is dying, the muscle car is dead, the era of the supercar is over.


To some extent, each of these proclamations have been true. We are nowhere near as involved with our vehicular conveyances as we were, say, when you had to adjust your spark timing while on the road.

But the car has endured through each of these ‘deaths.’ I just wonder how many times we’ve been told that the car is kicking the bucket. How many times do you remember being told that the age of the automobile was coming to a close?

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The automobile isn’t dying, just changing. But I’m afraid the manual transmission actually is dying. It’s getting so hard to find late model cars with manual transmissions. Go to a dealers page and search inventory. New and used. Hardly any. I know because I just bought one of the only ones available in my area.

Edit: 4 door cars that is. Purpose built sports cars are still around, but they are getting rarer as well.