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The 2014 Corvette will officially break cover for the first time on Sunday night after leaking yesterday and literally years of being teased. It's a very exciting time for fans of America's V8 beast.


The problem Chevy faces is the stereotypes of current Corvette owners. It's commonly seen as an old man's toy, something that is driven by the "successful plumber." Chevy desperately needs to change that with the next generation car. How can they do it?

I'd start with the interior.

When I'm spending $60,000+ on a sports car, I expect to be wowed while I'm sitting in the car. The C6 Corvette looks great from the outside, but the interior is such a let down. I've driven a C6 and a C6 Grand Sport, and found that the seats are lackluster, instruments look cheap, and materials aren't up to snuff for a car in that price range.


If the teaser videos are to be believed, the interior is one area that Chevy has placed an emphasis on improving into a carbon fiber sex dungeon. I think that's a good start.


What do you think Chevy can do to make the C7 appeal to younger folks?

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